2023 Florida Legislative Session Preview

By Dallas Thiesen, FSPA Sr. Dir. Of Government Affairs

The 2023 Florida Legislative Session is set to kick off on Tuesday March 7, 2023 and run for 60 days ending on Friday May 5, 2023.

So far, few bills directly affecting the Florida swimming pool and spa industry have been filed but that does not mean no action for the industry this year. FSPA is working on inserting language in to existing bills to accomplish industry goals. FSPA’s goals in 2023 include:

  • ·        Increasing the State of Florida consumer construction recovery fund cap for Div. II contractors from $15,000 to $50,000. The Construction recovery fund is funded by a portion of every building permit fee in the state and is available to consumers that have been damaged by a contractor.
  • ·         Further clarifying a Florida general contractor’s scope of work for swimming pools to address issues with general contractors holding themselves out as swimming pool and spa builders.
  • ·         Clarifying a Florida Swimming Pool and Spa Contractor’s electrical scope of work in statute.
  • ·         Enhancing local enforcement of unlicensed contracting throughout the state. 

FSPA will also be on keeping watch for potentially destructive bills seeking to overregulate the swimming pool industry and construction industry as a whole. The description and status of all bills that FSPA is tacking are below.


Events happing this week:

Joint Session of the Florida State Senate and House of Representatives

Tuesday March 7, 2023

11:00am – Until Completion



2023 Bills to Watch

Child Water Safety Requirements

SB 74 by Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez

Requires childcare facilities that provide access to swimming pools or bathing places to have the parents or guardians of children attest in writing whether the child is able to swim or is at risk of injury or death when swimming. Requires that facilities provide US Coast Guard Type II or III personal flotation devices for children unable to swim or at risk of death or injury from swimming when near or interacting with public bathing places or swimming pools. Swim schools are exempted from these requirements.

SB 74

Filed; Referred to Health Policy Committee, Children Families and Elder Affairs Committee, and Rules Committee. 



Water Safety

SB 84 by Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez

Requiring a state park to have a certified lifeguard on duty at designated swimming areas within the park during certain timeframes; requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to install a water rescue station at each designated swimming area; requiring comprehensive age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate K-12 instruction on water safety, etc.


SB 84

Filed; Referred to Education Pre-K -12; Appropriations Committee on Agriculture, Environment, and General Government; Fiscal Policy


Building Construction

SB 512 by Sen. Ed Hooper

HB 89 by Rep. Randal Maggard

Revises definition of term "class A air-conditioning contractor" to include an expanded electrical scope of work; prohibits building officials from making substantive changes to building plans after permit has been issued; provides exceptions; requires building officials to provide certain information to contractors and property owners; provides that building officials are subject to disciplinary action for failure to meet the information requirements.


SB 512

Filed; Referred to Community Affairs; Regulated Industries; Rules

HB 89

Filed; Referred to Regulatory Reform & Economic Development Subcommittee, Local Administration, Federal Affairs & Special Districts Subcommittee, Commerce Committee




Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

SB 1150 by Sen. Blaise Ingoglia

Revises the definitions of “Category I liquefied petroleum gas dealer” and “Category V LP gas installer” to include the design of LP and natural gas systems.


SB 1150