Introduction to Pool Hydraulics and Plumbing

What will this course teach you?

ENGINEERING 111: Introduction to Pool Hydraulics and Plumbing

C. Terry Brannon, P.E., Founder Emeritus

The C. T. Brannon Corporation, Aquatic Engineers

Engineering Curriculum Advisor - Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and GENESIS


Experience is NOT the best teacher. Other people’s experience is the best teacher. In ENGINEERING 111: Introduction to Pool Hydraulics and Plumbing, being presented February 19 at the Everything Under the Sun Expo, I will share from my 44 years of water park, swimming pool and spa engineering experience on how to avoid the common and most costly mistakes I have witnessed in pool plumbing design and construction.


This course is not taught like a boring engineering school lecture but instead is upbeat, common sense and a totally enjoyable class. The material is fast-paced and challenging. However, the course is specifically designed for builders and designers of swimming pools and spas.


Swimming pool codes are changing and so is the enforcement of those codes by local jurisdictions. More calculations are being required. No longer will you be able to pick a pipe size, filter, or pump based on your ‘gut feelings.’ Now you will have to prove up your designs before permits are issued. Some jurisdictions are already requiring pipe size calculations, velocity calculations and headloss determination. And don’t forget the new energy codes!


But more than that, your first two goals in business should be to 1) make an honest profit and stay in business and 2) satisfy your customers and use their satisfaction to ‘network’ and grow your business. You can’t do that if you are incorrectly sizing your pool and spa plumbing. Under-sizing and over-sizing are both going to cost you. Learn from the experts. Learn the fundamentals of engineering design like headlosses, total dynamic head, pump curves and efficiencies. In this course, you will learn to correctly size and install the plumbing system from main drain to filtered return. Learn how to handle today’s more complicated split-level pools, dual-pump and single-pump systems, and how to meet the new codes on entrapment and energy efficiency.


After taking this course, you will walk away with the confidence to overcome most pool and spa plumbing issues but, better yet, you will know when to hire more expertise on the more challenging projects. You will receive printed materials and resources and, as with all GENESIS courses, access to experts in the pool industry for years to come. You will also be given information on other, more advanced courses on pool hydraulics offered by PHTA and GENESIS.


In this era of restrictions on travel and assembly, use this time profitably to build your practice and improve your skills by gaining from experience—someone else’s experience. I hope to see you in-person for ENGINEERING 111: Introduction to Pool Hydraulics and Plumbing, February 19, 2021.